Frozen made its way into my heart

About me

Hey there! I’ve got a couple of names, but here, let’s just go with Kaye. That’s simple to remember, right?

I love Disney, especially all the movies in Princess line, but Frozen is my absolute favorite. I thought I’d get over after a few months, but it seems my love for this movie only grows stronger. I can’t even look at the word “frozen” without thinking of the movie. You know how awkward it is to be in the grocery store and wonder why you can’t find any food with Frozen packaging because the sign said “frozen food” and was actually referring to the meaning of the word?

Frozen’s not a part of the Disney Princess line yet, but I hope it will be someday. If it never is, though, that’s okay. I’d love something with all twelve princesses and the queen in line on it, but I suppose that would make it easier to find Frozen stuff, and I need a lot more of it!

Queen Elsa is my favorite character, closely followed by Princess Anna. Then, Olaf. Then, Kristoff. Then, Sven. I hate Hans! Screw him! Too bad Elsa couldn’t impale him!


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