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Many Frozen fans have started campaigning for Disney to allow Elsa to have a girlfriend in Frozen 2.

I’ve discussed this before. I would personally prefer for Elsa to remain single because most of the Disney Princesses have relationships, including Anna. No, there’s nothing wrong with princesses in relationships, but there’s nothing wrong with single princesses either. Both are important to show and I find it pretty cool (no pun intended) to have both represented within one film. On top of that, Elsa is 21, which shows that being single is not just a teen thing and adults can be single as well.

However, if the writers of Frozen 2 decide Elsa would be best with a love interest, I genuinely hope we are allowed to finally have our first non-heterosexual Disney Princess/Queen. Elsa already means a lot to me as she is and I can imagine for some LGBT+ children out there, she could mean very much for them if she doesn’t already. Disney is one of the largest, if not the largest, animation companies in the world. For them to have such a prominent LGBT+ character would be a huge deal and potentially influence other companies to follow suit within time. And yes, I’m aware Elsa wouldn’t be the first gay animated character in history, but coming from Disney, she would likely be highly influential.

So, I am in full support of this campaign, although I typically dislike campaigns for frivolous reasons like this.

All of the above said, I still do not want to see a romantic relationship be Frozen 2‘s primary focus. As wonderful as it would be for Elsa to allow Disney to have a girlfriend, I believe they should keep the main focus on her relationship with Anna because the lesson in Frozen was that true love is not only romantic and platonic love (in this case, familial) is just as powerful. The last thing I want to see is Elsa and Anna’s relationship taking a backseat for Elsa to pursue a romantic interest or be pursued by one. That’s not necessary. If Disney could let Anna have a romantic relationship without putting her and Elsa as sisters on the back burner, they can do the same with any romantic relationship they decide to let Elsa have.


More Frozen Is On The Way!

It’s still a long time away, but we already have the announcements! šŸ˜€

Firstly, a new Frozen holiday special is in production and is going to air on ABC in 2017. It doesn’t have a title yet, but the article states it’s supposed to air during 2017’s holiday season. “Holiday season” usually refers to the winter holidays (how appropriate), so it seems it won’t air until nearly the end of 2017. Bummer, but good things come to those who wait.

In 2018, it’s planned for Frozen to appear on Broadway. Thankfully, this one will come much sooner in the year, as it’s supposed to be shown during springtime, but that’s still a long wait. Ah, but it’s worth it.

I’m glad Frozen is still so popular, despite it being 2 years old. Personally, I still adore the movie as much as I did when I first saw it in summer 2014. I wish I hadn’t missed it in theaters (I hadn’t heard anything about it at that time), but the past can’t be changed. I can only catch these specials and shows as they air now.

All of the above said, most of my excitement is still for Frozen 2. While I still hold the opinion Frozen is great as a standalone film and doesn’t need a sequel, but the possibility of more sisterly time together like we saw in Frozen Fever is enough to make me cheer for it.

Bring on the Frozen!


If you know and like Frozen, especially if you’re as fond of it as I am, chances are you’re aware there’s an “anti-Frozen” fandom. If you regularly hang out on Tumblr, there’s no way you can’t know. They call themselves the “antifreezeteam” and they’ve got quite an attitude, particularly that they own a certain portion of the site. They believe they have the right to dictate who can and can’t post in certain areas on the site. They also seem to think “good” and “bad” are factual, not subjective and born out of opinion. I don’t have an issue with their dislike/hatred of the movie. Heaven knows the amount of movies I don’t like. I have an issue with their attitude.

I’m not anti-Frozen (duh), but I am anti-Elsanna, though I don’t scream about it because I find it easier to just stay away. I don’t like incestuous ships. However, I’ve got a particular issue with the Elsanna fandom.

I know the internet is a world of craziness and insanity. Believe me, I don’t come to the internet with the expectation of finding common sense. Thus, I’m well aware there are thousands of weird ships out there. That’s fine. The reason I particularly dislike the Elsanna fandom is because many, if not all, of them insist Elsa and Anna having a romantic relationship is canon when it is not.

I have seen these people insist Elsa and Anna are romantically in love because they so much as looked in each other’s direction. I don’t know about anyone else, but I find the idea of merely looking at your sibling being considered a sign of romantic feelings for them to be disturbing.

There also seems to be the idea if you do something nice for someone, it means you are in love with them, especially if what you’re doing for them is a big thing, like the surprise birthday bash Elsa throws for Anna in Frozen Fever. Again, I find that idea disturbing. What about parents who throw lavish birthday parties for their kids? Up until we got tired of and outgrew them, my mother always threw huge parties for my sister and I on our birthdays. We always had a ton of presents on Christmas. I’m certain my mother has no romantic feelings for me or my sister.

According to some of them, Elsa and Anna are “too close” to be siblings and it’s not normal. My sister and I used to share a bed, occasionally with our mother. If we were still living together, we’d still share a bed. My best friend and I have accidentally fallen asleep on her bed before and we did not wake up in horror when we realized that. I have no romantic feelings for them and I know they have no romantic feelings for me. In fact, I’m certain any of them would look at me like I just grew a second head if I dared to suggest such.

Then, there’s the idea Elsa and Anna’s relationship is romantic because the movie is essentially about Anna trying to fix her broken relationship with Elsa. I’m pretty sure all kinds of relationships are capable of becoming damaged and in need of repair. Sadly, families can become dysfunctional. That’s essentially what leads people to estrange themselves from toxic family members. Some people try to fix their family relationships before giving them up entirely and why not? Cutting a family member, or multiple, out of your life can be a big deal and it’s not always as simple as a snap.

If Elsa and Anna were a canon lesbian couple, Disney would’ve been announcing it long before the movie ever released! They would’ve been treating it like the greatest thing since sliced bread and plastering it everywhere. I recall them doing that for Tiana, making a big deal out of her being the first African-American princess. You can’t tell me they wouldn’t do the same Elsa and Anna if they were a couple instead of sisters.

Sure, there are other ships I don’t like. In fact, the only ship I do like is Kristanna (though I’d be a fan of Hanna if Hans weren’t evil and I didn’t hate him). But I only see that extreme from the Elsanna fandom. Just like I don’t have a problem with the anti-Frozen side’s hatred of the movie, I don’t have a problem with the Elsanna fandom shipping Elsa and Anna. I’ve got a problem with them insisting it’s canon when it’s not and I take even bigger issue with their idea siblings wouldn’t even look at each other unless they were in love.

I’m not even going to get into the matter of Anna telling Elsa she loves her because I’ll end up going on all night with that. All I’m going to say is if “I love you” is now reserved solely for romantic relationships, that’s news to me.

As much as I’m against Elsanna, however, I don’t want to be a part of any group for them. By default, that’d result in being associated with anti-Frozen and it’s plainly obvious why that’s a bad idea.

Now, all of the above said, I do not hate the Elsanna fandom and I do not agree with the following.

I don’t think Elsanna shippers are bad people. Yes, I believe they have some disturbing views about siblings, but overall, I don’t believe they’re bad people. I believe they’re more like well-intentioned extremists. Above all, Elsanna is nothing more than a fandom and a ship, and one of thousands in existence across the entire internet. There are many worse things. Now, if they start pushing people to become romantically entangled with their siblings, I’ll agree they are trouble, but to my knowledge, they don’t do that.

Happy 2nd Anniversary, Frozen!

Happy second anniversary toā€¦

The queen I saw myself in in ways I never thought I would in any characterā€¦

The princess who embodies the optimism I envy and the persistence I admireā€¦

The prince who reminded me first impressions can mean nothingā€¦

The ice harvester who reminded me not to judge by bad first impressionsā€¦

The reindeer who shipped my favorite ship before I didā€¦

The snowman is cuter than any snowman should beā€¦

And the movie that changed my life and very person so significantly, that made me so happy that Iā€™m still here, and that continues to bring so much joy and happiness into my life.

Happy anniversary, Frozen. And thank you, Disney, for creating it!

Anna’s Memories

When King Agdar and Queen Idun took Anna and Elsa to the trolls for help, Grand Pabbie erases Anna’s memories of Elsa’s magic to be safe, believing it’d help prevent another incident. This is something I’ve never understood and it’s one of the things I do not like about the movie. While I understand wanting to take precautions, this later only served to make the matter more difficult, not less.

The only guess I’ve ever been able to come up with is it being assumed erasing Anna’s memories would prevent her from asking Elsa to “do the magic”. However, no one took into account it wouldn’t stop Anna from frequently asking her sister to play with her and as Do You Want To Build A Snowman proves, it certainly didn’t. If one thing can be said about Anna with certainty, it’s that she’s persistent.

However, if the sisters were going to be separated, it still seems useless to have erased Anna’s memory. Either way, she was going to ask Elsa to play with her, so what difference did it really make? This precaution was unnecessary.

There’s also the possibility it was to erase trauma from her mind. We saw how heavily the incident weighed on Elsa. Perhaps it would’ve weighed just as much on Anna’s shoulders, especially since it came out of recklessness (her not slowing down when Elsa was telling her to). That may make the decision to erase Anna’s memory a little more understandable, but couldn’t Grand Pabbie have just removed that particular incident if that was the case? No trauma and everyone can just explain to Anna (and Elsa) she needs to be a bit more careful when playing.

Perhaps I’m simplifying this too much? I’ve always thought their childhood incident could’ve been handled so much better. Of course, parents (and grand-trolls) aren’t perfect and everyone makes mistakes, so that’s a bit of a silver lining for me. Getting to see that parents aren’t perfect. Perhaps if Anna and Elsa’s parents had a second chance, they’d do things differently.

Maybe She’s Born With It, Maybe It’s Magic

From what we know in the movie, Elsa was born with her ice powers. That’s all. No explanation. Not even a subtle reason. Just that she was born as an ice mage.

Little Elsa

A very cute ice mage, I must say

Originally, there was an explanation for Elsa’s powers. It had to do with planet alignment and it being an occurrence once every 1,000 years. However, it was cut from the final script, giving us the simple “she was born with it” reason we know from the movie.

While it would’ve been nice to have a given reason for Elsa’s powers, I’m not so dissatisfied with the lack of a reason either.

Now, I don’t expect realism in cartoons, let alone Disney, but consider this: how often are people born with certain traits in real life with no other explanation than just being born with it? People are born with a missing limbs or rare genetic illnesses with no reason besides their birth. Some people even consider things such as personality and sexual orientation to be things determined at birth.

Why can’t Elsa have her powers simply because she was born with them? She can. From my point-of-view, ice powers weren’t the only effect. Presumably, her platinum blonde hair came from her ice powers. Granted, that could’ve been inherited from her grandparents, but if she’s supposed to embody winter, it’s plausible.

The movie also implies Elsa isn’t the first in her family’s line to have been born with powers. Assuming a magical family member before Elsa had existed, it’s possible the powers are genetic and can be passed on. Of course, the question then is how would that gene work? I know very little about genetic structure, so I can’t answer that.

Whatever the case, I look at Elsa’s powers, and her struggle with them, as a metaphor of how sometimes, we’re born with things and we have to accept them and embrace them instead of being ashamed of them. There is no point in the movie where Elsa wishes she didn’t have her powers. She constantly worries about harming others with them, but she never actively wants them gone, and Let It Go is essentially one big, happy musical number for her as she’s embracing her powers for the first time in over a decade.

If the planetary alignment explanation is included in Frozen 2, it’ll probably please a lot of fans. Personally, I’m neutral toward it because even an explanation brings up a dozen questions.

Seven Reasons Why Elsa and Anna Are Luckier Than Real Sisters

One of the reasons I love Frozen so much it’s a movie about sisters. I am a sucker for movies about family or friend relationships, especially between sisters or mother/daughter (which is why I’m also a big fan of Brave and TLM 2, but this blog isn’t about those). Elsa and Anna even have the same age gap I do with my sister.

But for me, having a sister was nowhere near as glorious as it was in Frozen. I envy their relationship because mine with my sister’s was nowhere near that close. Oh, sure, we loved each other, but we didn’t love being around each other.

Disney gives us seven reasons Anna and Elsa make us wish we had a sister. I’m going to you seven reasons theirs are a myth.

“You always have a built-in playmate.”
Reality: Biggest lie ever.

The only way my sister and I played together is if we were forced to and we certainly didn’t play happily. Something said about siblings in real life is having a sibling teaches kids to share. I beg to differ. My sister and I did not willingly share anything. Even if something was given to both of us, we fought over who it belonged to. I did not have a built-in playmate. I had a built-in sparring partner.

“Protecting each other comes first, no matter what.”
Reality: From everyone else, yes. From each other? Ha!

If it ever came right down to it, even if it was just teasing, my sister and I had no trouble defending each other. When it came down between us, however, all bets were off. The rule was, “She’s my sister! Nobody beats her up except me!”

“Matching likes and dislikes”
Reality: Opposite likes and dislikes

For some reason, liking something pretty much guarantees my sister dislikes it and vice versa. Not even simple stuff like particular movies, but entire categories. I love animation and think it’s a gorgeous art. She hates animation and thinks it’s childish and useless. She loves romance novels such as Twilight and 50 Shades of Grey while I can’t stand such and they make me feel sicker to my stomach than undercooked chicken. The only dislike we have in common is the dislike of each other’s existence.

“Heart-thawing is always an option.”
Reality: Only if someone else did the freezing

Alright, this one isn’t totally a myth. If the situation ever arose, I’d have little hesitation in laying down my life for my sister. Right after I kill the person who endangered her life in the first place.

“You can learn from each other.”
Reality: Nothing good

Seriously. The only thing my sister and I learned from each other is we would’ve preferred being only children.

“Double the wardrobe”
Reality: Nobody’s sharing!

The devil’s flames would’ve risen if I ever caught my sister wearing any of my clothes, and the reverse is also true. We did not like to share anything. Not clothes, not food, not toys. If we could’ve avoided sharing our mother, we would’ve done that too.

“Ice-skating parties on the regular”
Reality: Fight parties on the regular

This needs no explanation. Fighting was what we did best, particularly with each other.

And you know what? Despite that I see her as the spawn of the devil, I will always love my sister. Yeah, I would’ve preferred being an only child, but I’m stuck with her and I’m going to keep her. Besides, she was good for one thing. Somebody had to eat the dinner food I didn’t want, after all. šŸ˜‰