Frozen made its way into my heart

One of the reasons I love Frozen so much it’s a movie about sisters. I am a sucker for movies about family or friend relationships, especially between sisters or mother/daughter (which is why I’m also a big fan of Brave and TLM 2, but this blog isn’t about those). Elsa and Anna even have the same age gap I do with my sister.

But for me, having a sister was nowhere near as glorious as it was in Frozen. I envy their relationship because mine with my sister’s was nowhere near that close. Oh, sure, we loved each other, but we didn’t love being around each other.

Disney gives us seven reasons Anna and Elsa make us wish we had a sister. I’m going to you seven reasons theirs are a myth.

“You always have a built-in playmate.”
Reality: Biggest lie ever.

The only way my sister and I played together is if we were forced to and we certainly didn’t play happily. Something said about siblings in real life is having a sibling teaches kids to share. I beg to differ. My sister and I did not willingly share anything. Even if something was given to both of us, we fought over who it belonged to. I did not have a built-in playmate. I had a built-in sparring partner.

“Protecting each other comes first, no matter what.”
Reality: From everyone else, yes. From each other? Ha!

If it ever came right down to it, even if it was just teasing, my sister and I had no trouble defending each other. When it came down between us, however, all bets were off. The rule was, “She’s my sister! Nobody beats her up except me!”

“Matching likes and dislikes”
Reality: Opposite likes and dislikes

For some reason, liking something pretty much guarantees my sister dislikes it and vice versa. Not even simple stuff like particular movies, but entire categories. I love animation and think it’s a gorgeous art. She hates animation and thinks it’s childish and useless. She loves romance novels such as Twilight and 50 Shades of Grey while I can’t stand such and they make me feel sicker to my stomach than undercooked chicken. The only dislike we have in common is the dislike of each other’s existence.

“Heart-thawing is always an option.”
Reality: Only if someone else did the freezing

Alright, this one isn’t totally a myth. If the situation ever arose, I’d have little hesitation in laying down my life for my sister. Right after I kill the person who endangered her life in the first place.

“You can learn from each other.”
Reality: Nothing good

Seriously. The only thing my sister and I learned from each other is we would’ve preferred being only children.

“Double the wardrobe”
Reality: Nobody’s sharing!

The devil’s flames would’ve risen if I ever caught my sister wearing any of my clothes, and the reverse is also true. We did not like to share anything. Not clothes, not food, not toys. If we could’ve avoided sharing our mother, we would’ve done that too.

“Ice-skating parties on the regular”
Reality: Fight parties on the regular

This needs no explanation. Fighting was what we did best, particularly with each other.

And you know what? Despite that I see her as the spawn of the devil, I will always love my sister. Yeah, I would’ve preferred being an only child, but I’m stuck with her and I’m going to keep her. Besides, she was good for one thing. Somebody had to eat the dinner food I didn’t want, after all. đŸ˜‰


“Just Tell Her!”

I’ve seen a lot of people wonder why Elsa didn’t eventually tell Anna about her powers and explain why she didn’t want to be around her. I do agree. Things probably wouldn’t have gotten as complicated if Elsa had spoken up. However, I have a(n in-universe) theory on why she didn’t.

First off, the trolls erased Anna’s memories, believing it would further help keep both sisters safe. If Elsa tried to tell Anna what happened, she would’ve had difficulty making Anna understand because Anna had no recollection of Elsa’s powers and thus, the incident that led to Elsa’s paranoia.

Support: When Elsa does reveal does her magic, Anna only knows half of the problem. She only knows that Elsa has powers, not that those same powers almost critically injured her thirteen years ago. She doesn’t know it’s a specific incident that led to Elsa’s withdrawal, not the mere fact that Elsa has powers.

Also, it was Elsa’s parents’ choice to separate the sisters, not Elsa’s. Elsa was eight years old. She could’ve been convinced that this one incident didn’t have to lead to total isolation from her sister, but her parents thought otherwise. By the time Elsa was old enough to finally speak up about it, she may not ever have considered it because it’d already been a secret for so long. We also don’t know if Anna ever tried again after that attempt when their parents died. For all we know, it could’ve been the last time Anna knocked and if she had finally given up, it may have been more reason in Elsa’s mind to keep quiet. If Anna’s not knocking anymore, what’s the point?

In short, I think it was just a combination of the memory erasure, her parents’ decision, and time passing that made Elsa overlook the idea of ever telling Anna about her powers.

While it wasn’t the wisest decision, it’s not a strange one. People keep important secrets from each other in real life all the time for a variety of reasons. Heck, my birth was kept a secret for some time! Eh, that’s life.

It’s official that Frozen 2 will eventually be coming along. I personally feel Frozen is great as a stand-alone film and doesn’t need a sequel, but a sequel means more Anna and Elsa, so I have no complaints.

However, I have to say if there’s one thing I’m hoping for in Frozen 2, it’s that Elsa remains single.

It’s not that I’m opposed to her having a love interest. I’m not at all. But it’s nice to have a main character once in a while who stays single. For me, Elsa is a very relatable character and one of the smaller reasons is she doesn’t express any romantic desires in Frozen. It would probably be a hard thing to show in a children’s movie, but I hope they make it canon that Elsa is asexual or aromantic.

Should Elsa receive a love interest, however, I highly doubt it will be any of the “kings” proposed in the article from Latinos Post.

  • Olaf – Although it’s never outright brought up, Olaf is essentially Elsa’s son. She created him and the family portrait from Frozen Fever shows her cradling him like an infant. On top of that, Olaf is fairly childlike. He is innocent, goofy, and happy-go-lucky. A romance between Elsa and Olaf would seem akin to a romance between a 20-year-old and a 10-year-old.
  • Prince Hans – I honestly find the idea of Hans being Elsa’s love interest despicable. This man attempted to murder her, toyed with her sister’s heart, and intended to leave the latter for dead. If there is even a chance of this being true, half of Frozen 2 should be Hans being put through a nightmare to earn Anna’s forgiveness and the trust of both sisters.
  • Jack Frost – Elsa has been paired with Jack Frost practically since the week the movie released way back in November 2013. I’m personally indifferent to the ship, but of all the possibilities, this seems to the least likely. I really cannot imagine Disney creating a crossover between the two movies solely for the purpose of making Jack be Elsa’s love interest. The only way I could see this is if he made a cameo appearance as a suitor for Elsa.

Personally, if Elsa couldn’t be asexual or aromantic, I’d love to see Disney allow her to be a lesbian. That would be a huge trial for Disney, but if they could somehow make it work, I hope they give it a shot. Let It Go has already been seen as and considered a subtle allusion to coming out in the context of homosexuality, so for some people who are part of the LGBT+ community (such as myself), it’d feel like a huge step forward for Disney and them.

Whatever the case for Elsa’s love life (or lack thereof) becomes, I hope it’s treated the same as Anna’s relationship with Kristoff is in Frozen. A side plot. I want Frozen 2 to be focused on Elsa and Anna spending time together and facing some kind of adventure or adversity as sisters. I want to see their relationship continuing to be fixed, growing, and becoming closer. We already saw Elsa trying to give Anna a perfect birthday and Anna only worrying for Elsa’s health in Frozen Fever. More of that, please! More sisterly fluff and love.

I Love Frozen

And that’s why I created this blog!

I know lots of people are tired of Frozen and hate it, but I’m not and I am head over heels for it! I really cannot get enough of this movie. That’s why the title of this blog is what it is. There’s not a day I don’t think about this movie.

Right now, I’m anxiously waiting for Cinderella to be sold on iTunes, so I can buy it for the Frozen Fever short. I wish they’d put the short itself on iTunes for sale, but I doubt that will happen.