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He’s Not Redeemable

With the knowledge of Frozen 2 being in the works, there are some people hoping Hans will be redeemed for his crimes and, presumably, become a good guy.

While I do like his character, I am not a fan of Hans and I do not believe he is in any way redeemable. In my opinion, his actions are too heinous for that.

If all Hans was guilty of is breaking Anna’s heart, I’d agree he could be redeemed. However, that’s not the case. He was going to marry Anna with intent to murder her sister after their wedding. In our world, that’s called conspiracy, or premeditated murder if he’d succeeded with that plan. After locking Anna in, he goes after Elsa and makes her surrender by telling her the worst thing she could possibly hear: “Your sister is dead because of you.” Telling someone their loved one has died wouldn’t even make a funny practical joke. Granted, he didn’t know she wasn’t dead, but it still doesn’t change he said it only with the intent of making Elsa stop running because he knew it’d devastate her. He then takes advantage of the state she’s now in and makes that murder attempt he planned, only failing because Anna interfered. And even then, the only reason he didn’t kill Anna instead is her body had completely frozen over just in time.

So, we have conspiracy to murder, minor psychological abuse, and attempted murder, which could’ve been a double murder (really, if Anna hadn’t frozen over, what would’ve stopped him from proceeding to kill Elsa after he struck Anna?).

Without the murder attempt and conspiracy to do so, I’d see Hans as a potentially redeemable character. But I do not believe someone who intentionally commits murder, especially if they plot to do it, should be given any second chances. It’s the same way I view murderers in real life. They’ve proven they are a severe threat to those around them and have no regards for any life aside from their own. Why should they be trusted and given a second chance to potentially take away someone else’s life?

So, I’m sorry to all those who want Hans to be redeemed, but I do not and I have no desire to see him in Frozen 2. I want him to stay in jail, where he deserves to be. And no, the abuse he suffered from his brothers (if that was indeed true and not something he told Anna for sympathy) is not an excuse. He knew what his actions were and he knew they were wrong. He didn’t care. So, I do not buy the “he was abused” excuse either.