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Maybe She’s Born With It, Maybe It’s Magic

From what we know in the movie, Elsa was born with her ice powers. That’s all. No explanation. Not even a subtle reason. Just that she was born as an ice mage.

Little Elsa

A very cute ice mage, I must say

Originally, there was an explanation for Elsa’s powers. It had to do with planet alignment and it being an occurrence once every 1,000 years. However, it was cut from the final script, giving us the simple “she was born with it” reason we know from the movie.

While it would’ve been nice to have a given reason for Elsa’s powers, I’m not so dissatisfied with the lack of a reason either.

Now, I don’t expect realism in cartoons, let alone Disney, but consider this: how often are people born with certain traits in real life with no other explanation than just being born with it? People are born with a missing limbs or rare genetic illnesses with no reason besides their birth. Some people even consider things such as personality and sexual orientation to be things determined at birth.

Why can’t Elsa have her powers simply because she was born with them? She can. From my point-of-view, ice powers weren’t the only effect. Presumably, her platinum blonde hair came from her ice powers. Granted, that could’ve been inherited from her grandparents, but if she’s supposed to embody winter, it’s plausible.

The movie also implies Elsa isn’t the first in her family’s line to have been born with powers. Assuming a magical family member before Elsa had existed, it’s possible the powers are genetic and can be passed on. Of course, the question then is how would that gene work? I know very little about genetic structure, so I can’t answer that.

Whatever the case, I look at Elsa’s powers, and her struggle with them, as a metaphor of how sometimes, we’re born with things and we have to accept them and embrace them instead of being ashamed of them. There is no point in the movie where Elsa wishes she didn’t have her powers. She constantly worries about harming others with them, but she never actively wants them gone, and Let It Go is essentially one big, happy musical number for her as she’s embracing her powers for the first time in over a decade.

If the planetary alignment explanation is included in Frozen 2, it’ll probably please a lot of fans. Personally, I’m neutral toward it because even an explanation brings up a dozen questions.


“Just Tell Her!”

I’ve seen a lot of people wonder why Elsa didn’t eventually tell Anna about her powers and explain why she didn’t want to be around her. I do agree. Things probably wouldn’t have gotten as complicated if Elsa had spoken up. However, I have a(n in-universe) theory on why she didn’t.

First off, the trolls erased Anna’s memories, believing it would further help keep both sisters safe. If Elsa tried to tell Anna what happened, she would’ve had difficulty making Anna understand because Anna had no recollection of Elsa’s powers and thus, the incident that led to Elsa’s paranoia.

Support: When Elsa does reveal does her magic,¬†Anna only knows half of the problem. She only knows that Elsa has powers, not that¬†those same powers almost critically injured her thirteen years ago. She doesn’t know it’s a specific incident that led to Elsa’s withdrawal, not the mere fact that Elsa has powers.

Also, it was Elsa’s parents’ choice to separate the sisters, not Elsa’s. Elsa was eight years old. She could’ve been convinced that this one incident didn’t have to lead to total isolation from her sister, but her parents thought otherwise. By the time Elsa was old enough to finally speak up about it, she may not ever have considered it because it’d already been a secret for so long. We also don’t know if Anna ever tried again after that attempt when their parents died. For all we know, it could’ve been the last time Anna knocked and if she had finally given up, it may have been more reason in Elsa’s mind to keep quiet. If Anna’s not knocking anymore, what’s the point?

In short, I think it was just a combination of the memory erasure, her parents’ decision, and time passing that made Elsa overlook the idea of ever telling Anna about her powers.

While it wasn’t the wisest decision, it’s not a strange one. People keep important secrets from each other in real life all the time for a variety of reasons. Heck, my birth was kept a secret for some time! Eh, that’s life.