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Does Elsa Need A King?

It’s official that Frozen 2 will eventually be coming along. I personally feel Frozen is great as a stand-alone film and doesn’t need a sequel, but a sequel means more Anna and Elsa, so I have no complaints.

However, I have to say if there’s one thing I’m hoping for in Frozen 2, it’s that Elsa remains single.

It’s not that I’m opposed to her having a love interest. I’m not at all. But it’s nice to have a main character once in a while who stays single. For me, Elsa is a very relatable character and one of the smaller reasons is she doesn’t express any romantic desires in Frozen. It would probably be a hard thing to show in a children’s movie, but I hope they make it canon that Elsa is asexual or aromantic.

Should Elsa receive a love interest, however, I highly doubt it will be any of the “kings” proposed in the article from Latinos Post.

  • Olaf – Although it’s never outright brought up, Olaf is essentially Elsa’s son. She created him and the family portrait from Frozen Fever shows her cradling him like an infant. On top of that, Olaf is fairly childlike. He is innocent, goofy, and happy-go-lucky. A romance between Elsa and Olaf would seem akin to a romance between a 20-year-old and a 10-year-old.
  • Prince Hans – I honestly find the idea of Hans being Elsa’s love interest despicable. This man attempted to murder her, toyed with her sister’s heart, and intended to leave the latter for dead. If there is even a chance of this being true, half of Frozen 2 should be Hans being put through a nightmare to earn Anna’s forgiveness and the trust of both sisters.
  • Jack Frost – Elsa has been paired with Jack Frost practically since the week the movie released way back in November 2013. I’m personally indifferent to the ship, but of all the possibilities, this seems to the least likely. I really cannot imagine Disney creating a crossover between the two movies solely for the purpose of making Jack be Elsa’s love interest. The only way I could see this is if he made a cameo appearance as a suitor for Elsa.

Personally, if Elsa couldn’t be asexual or aromantic, I’d love to see Disney allow her to be a lesbian. That would be a huge trial for Disney, but if they could somehow make it work, I hope they give it a shot. Let It Go has already been seen as and considered a subtle allusion to coming out in the context of homosexuality, so for some people who are part of the LGBT+ community (such as myself), it’d feel like a huge step forward for Disney and them.

Whatever the case for Elsa’s love life (or lack thereof) becomes, I hope it’s treated the same as Anna’s relationship with Kristoff is in Frozen. A side plot. I want Frozen 2 to be focused on Elsa and Anna spending time together and facing some kind of adventure or adversity as sisters. I want to see their relationship continuing to be fixed, growing, and becoming closer. We already saw Elsa trying to give Anna a perfect birthday and Anna only worrying for Elsa’s health in Frozen Fever. More of that, please! More sisterly fluff and love.